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    Has anyone heard of the isagenix product. I was on it a couple mounths ago for weightloss and i lost 25 pounds with it in 3 weeks. There is a web site and a video that was sent with it and they say the weight lost from this product is 80% fat, 20% water(they explained all of it in the video). Which apparently means no muscle loss, but to me that seems odd losing that much weight over that short of a time. What the product is is a 9 day body cleanse. The first two days consisted of a mineral tea drink and some natural accelators capsules(all this does is increase your metabolism, and has NOTHING that eats your internal organs or anything like that). After the two days of being on this mineral tea fast ( this is designed to clean out the system so you can absorb the super nutrient stuff), You go on a 5 day nutrition plan where you take a IsaLean shake two times a day and that have one meal high in fiber and protein, trying to get around 400-600 callories in that meal. Then you go back into the 2 day mineral tea fast and you can repeat again if you would like. Within these 9 days you can lose up to 12 pounds.
    I dont know if you guys have seen anything like this before, but i know it has helped alot of people lose weight quickly. Every docter that ive talked to that has looked into it has givin it the thumbs up, so im figuring its safe.
    What im unsure about is, I was on a bulking cycle and I gained alot of fat when on it. So i used the 9 day cleanse to lose the fat I gained after every 4 weeks of bulking and i did this for about 3 months. I'm unsure if the fasting part of it is hindering my muscle gains though. I emailed them and they said something like, "in order to keep muscle loss to a minimum, you must keep your protein intake high". Well does that mean im loseing muscle doing this? Cause i thought you lose 80%fat, 20% water, which look like 0% muscle loss to me. Everytime I e-mail them its either an answer like that which doesnt say much, or something I dont understand.
    Anywho i dont want to confuse anyone about the product so i didnt go in to it all that indepth, but since you guy know more about dieting and how the body works, if you want you can go to there website. Im unsure if i can give that link out or not, but if I can ill give it to you. You can also e-mail them and ask your questions, the e-mail is

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    Nope never heard of it. Fasting w/teas n sh*t is not my ideal dietary approach to fitness, no.


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