I just finished reading the lean mass thread, very good info. I also took a look at this one

Now I workout 4 times a week, and I have been following a 1.5 method for the last couple months, seems to work but it needs tweaking. I'm 6' 190 lbs, good shape. I want to try to add 15lbs to bring me up to 205 lbs. My old diet is 8 meals a day, including a protein bar and a shake.

I was aiming for 300g of protein and carbs per day. After using the make your own diet from the link i posted above, I get different results of what I should be doing.

3800 cals per day
42g fat per day = 380 cals
308g protein per day = 600 cals
547g carbs per day = 2188 cals

Does this sound resonalble? I am trying to put on some good mass..... Let me know what you think. It seems that the carbs is right up there, but i'm not even sure if thats too much or not.