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Thread: Canned foods

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    Canned foods

    Are canned vegs bad to eat. Should i buy them fresh. I eat the canned stuff alot mosly with dinner canned corn, yams, white pototes. What to do?

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    I dont know fresh is best ; canned has too much crap in them

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    Cool Fresh, Frozen, Canned - In that order.

    Fresh veggies are always best, especially when steamed (which helps them retain more nutrients than boiling). If you can't get fresh veggies, go with frozen veggies and nuke 'em.

    If you must buy canned, by the No Salt Added veggies. Some manufacturers also market a "Harvest Fresh" line which have less additives than standard canned vegetables.

    Remember that regardless of your diet (or how many calories you want to take in), you want to consume a maximum of 2,400 mg. Sodium per day. The worst thing about any canned food is an overabundance of sodium. (One can of Campbell's soup will almost use up your entire daily allowance.) The NSA (No Salt Added) veggies are much safer than their standard counterparts.

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