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    Am I screwing up this pro/fat meal?

    Ok for my 10:30 am pro/fat meal I plan on having this:

    3.5 oz. of sliced turkey breast, 1 slice of fat free cheddar cheese, 1 tbsp of salsa and pepper on a low carb white tortilla
    2 tbsp of natural peanut butter (to be eaten seperatly).

    That makes this meal 38 g of protein, 22 g of carbs, 15 g of fat. However there is 8 g of fiber in the tortilla along with 14 g of carbs. So if I only calculate the net carbs that would only make the tortilla 6 g of carbs which would bring my total for this meal (that is supposed to be PRO/FAT) to 46 g of protein, 14 g of carbs, 15 g of fat.

    Am I having too many carbs with this pro/fat meal? Should I drop the natty pb and just make this a pro/carb meal (which would be 30 g of protein, 16 g of carbs, 3 g of fat)?

    I am on a cutting diet which you can see here:

    Enough protein?
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    If you are cutting, take out the white tortilla, low carb or not.

    Use those when you are on maintenance. For now, use meats/fats/green veggies.



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    with metal plates...
    yea..u might want to include full fat mayo too..just for variety..but of course...not for all luck bro..

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