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    pre powerlifting meet diet

    Doing a powerlifting meet sept 26. Lifting in the 198 weight class. weighed in at 196 right now. I added a pro carb meal in the morining. Thinking about adding another to meal#2or3. My goal with this diet is to keep my strength up and keep my weight from climbing over 198.
    Should I do a carb up the day before the meet?
    Meal #1 Eggs (5)
    7:30 Oatmeal (1cup)
    Pro Powd (1scp)
    Spin (1/2cup)
    TOTAL 59/7/56
    Meal #2 Tuna
    10:00 ANPB (2tbspn)
    Spin (1/2cup)
    TOTAL 48/18.5/8
    Meal #3 Chicken (6oz)
    12:30 Spin (1/2cup)
    Olive, Udo's, etc
    TOTAL 51/20/3
    Meal #4 Pro Powd (2scp)
    3:00 Olive, Udo's, etc
    TOTAL 44/16/4
    PWO HydroWhey (1scp)
    6:00 Pro Powd (1scp)
    Dextrose (2scp)
    TOTAL 46/1/80
    PPWO Chicken (6oz)
    7:00 Oatmeal (1cup)
    Spin (1/2cup)
    TOTAL 61/12/57
    Meal #7 Mic.Casein (1scp)
    9:30 Pro Powd (1scp)
    Olive, Udo's, etc
    TOTAL 48/15/2

    OVERALL TOTAL> 357/90/210

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    I'm 5'9. BF? 10% give or take a few. Another question to is Should I cut out cardio until the meet. I told guys at my gym that I was planning on doing low intensity cardio 3-4 times a week to keep my weight down and they told me to cut it out completly. What do you guys think Its to late for me to test it out myself. So if any of you bros have any insight on this it would be appreciated.

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