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    Cutting diet help

    K bros, rip away
    230, 14-15%bf hopin to get to 8-10% by december

    45 min fast past walk or bikeride 3-5 times wk
    Meal 1: 6egg whites, 2whole eggs, 3 slice's deli turky, 1/4th cup full fat cheese=omellette
    Meal 2: Chicken salad (1 and 1/2 breasts) 1tbls full fat dressing
    or a chicken breast with some swiss cheese on top and some brocalli
    meal 3: steak and cup brocolli
    pwo(meal 4): 40gs protien 80gs dextrose
    meal 5: 1 and 1/2 ck breasts and 1cup rice
    meal 6: 1or 2 cans tuna with 1tbls full fat mayo

    Throw a nap in there somewhere and this will consitst of my day

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    i would do cardio 5-7 times a week not 3-5. also i woiuld get rid of the full fat cheese in meal one if you wish to keep this as strict as possible. you do have a good amount of fats in the diet, however I think you'll be better off including better EFA's in it. swith the dressing up with olive oil and vinager and have some whey with flax b4 bed. just my .02 cents bro. . GOOD LUCK!


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