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    Leaving the land of Ketonia... Results of my CKD

    Well, after 8 weeks of my Cyclical Keto Diet, it is time for a change. Here are some of my observations and thoughts and I will post pictures in the near future.


    Lost about a net of 11 scale pounds. I say net, because the volatility of water and glycogen can be deceiving.

    No apparent loss in size, although over the last 2 weeks, poundages on the compound movements dropped a bit. One of the reasons why I decided it was time for a change. The writing on the wall. Loss in size was sure to come.

    NEVER hungry.

    Seems I lost a bulk of the fat in the legs and overall vascularity was apparent despite the lack of creatine.

    Awesome dreams... a cool side effect. Not just coincidental, either. I would love to do a study on LC'ers and dreaming. My hypothesis would be that stable insulin levels cause one to vacilate between stages 1 and 2 of REM more frequently.


    After six weeks, I experienced a stall. Seems like the body can be a tremendously adaptive organism. During the carb up, the carbs definitely were used to replenish lost glycogen stores. Lately though, the carb up got stored as fat. And I was very strict and did it as specified.

    Can be damn expensive. Meat, protein... more stressing on the weekly budget.

    I miss my creatine. Since there are no carbs to transport it, I had to abandon it and I have gotten great results from Creatine in the past.

    I won't miss the "tin can" feeling in my mouth or the bad breath... a crummy side effect.

    How much bacon and eggs can one eat? You can get sick of the food choices. If you get creative with some LC recipes, the calorie count can increase and that has to stay in check.


    A worthwhile experience to add to my "been there, done thats". Don't know if I would do it again.

    I have a general fear of what will happen when I return to a more balanced approach starting tomorrow. I would like to continue to lose BF at the rate of a pound per week. Hoping that my metabolism will adapt to the change.

    A nice plan to take on about 4 weeks before a show... don't know if it has more shelf life than that.

    Some days you look great and feel great in the gym. Other days you look like shit and can't get the bar off the rack. At first I thought it correlated with the carb depletion/carb load, but lately it can be anytime during the week. Weird.

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    Thanks for sharing Ilbeast. Tomorrow when I am not as tired I'll re-read the post and ask some questions, but I'm pooped right now !

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