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    Calories while on cycle?

    Im going to be starting my first cycle in the next couple of months and im not to sure on how many calories i should be consuming each day

    My goal is basically to pack on as much mass as possible (eating clean ofc), and diet off any excess fat later. How many calories above my maintenance should i eat? - 1000? 1500? (i always eat 500 cals above maintenace anyway), and say after 5 weeks i have gained 14lb, should i increase calories further?

    Thanks for your help.

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    need your stats bro and your current diet.

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    Age: 21
    Height: 6"1
    Weight: 195
    Training: 2 years + 2.5 years seriously (with gaps due to injury).

    This is what i eat now;

    8:00 30g whey

    8:30 MRP
    3 x wholemeal toast

    11:00 135g pasta
    1 tin tuna

    13:30 200g chicken
    1 bread bun

    16:00 Cottage cheese
    40g assorted nuts

    17:10 TRAINING

    18:00 50g Dextrose
    60g whey
    40g Oats

    18:45 Varied meal –
    Meat/fish, potato/rice/pasta, vegetables

    21:30 50g Micellar Casein
    14g Flax

    That comes to around 3200 calories, 310 pro, 315 carbs, 70 fats excluding my 18:45 meal which is a pro/carb meal at 600 calories.

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    before you start your cycle you should read the bulking sticky one more time, and up the calories more, 4000. if you think that is too high you could make it 3700-3800, im at 4k, sh!t prolly higher....and i started my cycle at 190, 215 now....

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