This is my third week into my cutting diet and i have to say i could not be happier, diet is pretty much second nature through the week. It is the weekends that i am a little concerned about.

I like to sleep in a bit, not to late. Wake up around this throws me off "schedule" 2 hours. I understand that i should just start from there and fit in as many of my meals as i can.

What i would like to know is what do you guy's do on your cheat day(s)? I do cardio on my cheat day (yes i mean cheat day/one meal) in the morning and no lifting. I had my normal eggs,pro/carb meal...then i had my cheat meal later that day (pizza) and then tried to keep it pro/fat the rest of the day.

Is this the right direction i should be taking on my cheat day as far as pro/carb or pro/fat?

I did my cardio on Saturday, then Sunday i did cardio around 1pm (slept real late for some reason) and then went back and did Arms around 8pm finished the night off with steak/brown rice (pro/carb) and a protein shakle before bed.

I felt better about Sunday than Saturday which was my cheat day, i feel like i am messing up but i know that a cheat meal is useful in several ways.

Just wanting to get an idea how you bros adjust to your cheat day(s)?

All in all i feel good about this "Lifestyle Change" and i have this board to thank for it.