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    Anywhere to get Complex Carb powder

    I have heard of complex carb powder, though, really dont know much about it. How good is the stuff and is it a good choice of carbs during a cutter during the times in the day when you cant get a whole food carb source. How does it compare to oats, etc.

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    Why anyone would ingest carb powder at anytime, especially when cutting, is news to me.

    I'll leave it open for the others to comment. My advice is to concentrate on real food, as any packaged "complex carb" source will put mounds of fat on you.

    When you find the powder, place the nutritional info here as well so we can all look at it. Speculating on what product we are discussing is a bit hard as well, but a general rule is that these items, well, suck.


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    What I do is get oatmeal and put it my ultimate chopper and grind it up. It turns into a fine powder. I'll grind up a whole container of oatmeal and then pour it back into the container for later use. When I'm ready I take scoops of the oatmeal powder and mix it in with my protein shake. Goes down easy and keeps me full for a long time. And it's very convenient.

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    Maltodextrin would be the only complex carb source I'd use during cutting... and thats in the PWO shake. Check for maltodextrin.

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