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    not where I want to be

    How long have you been eating right?

    Or rather how old were you when you started? This morning around 8am when I was sitting in class, I took a look around and was less than surprised to see a few people eating their 'breakfast' in class. What disgusted me was that their breakfast consisted of little more than pop tarts and a bottle of coke. I had already eaten some eggwhites and oatmeal (the plain kind) and was planning on a protein shake with flax shotly after class ended. Undoubtedly, had I not found AR, I would have been one of those pop-tart coke eaters. But having said that, since I have found AR, I couldn't even imagine eating that crap for breakfast. It makes me sick just thinking about it.

    So how old were you when you started eating right? I think I'm probably one of a handfull of kids in school that actually has vegetables in my vegetable crisper instead of beer (that goes on the top shelf ) Having revamped my diet in the past few years to a very healthy one has made me feel so much better not only physically but mentally as well. I can't remember the last time I ate fast food (which I used to eat religiously back in high school). In fact, the very notion of fast food kinda makes me feel -well, for lack of a better work- gross.

    just thought I'd share my observation with you all and see what your thoughts were on the subject.


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    i just turned 26 and have only been eating actual food for 2 years. I was that chick in college who lifted, ran, played football, drank loads of coffee and lived on "college food"....what a difference my diet has made in my life!

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    i started eating better when i was 18 in HS when my coach saw me eating fries for lunch and said "you dont put unleaded in a corvett" but i became hardcore AR super diet freako about a year ago.


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    About 3 years now

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    I've been eating better since 21 (almost 26 now). I've been eating well since about 23. I've been eating really well since about 24. I still have a cheat meal every once in a while (though my last one was a Big Montana at Arby's). I have been booze-free for a little over 2 months now and the way I feel is awesome and my physique is better than every. If only I knew at 18 what I know now. To all you young ones out there, ah heck old ones too, make the changes in your diet. It's SO worth it. Mark

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    When I started lifting second sem of senior year is when I started eatin huge food, like dirty bulking. 2 years later, this past summer I started cutting and ate right religiously and now Ive upped my calories to compensate massive amounts of PT everyday but its still clean. Its hard in college, but can be done. I usually have to grab a cupple granola bars and take them to 8am class cuz PT is over at 730 and I need a shower or I would be toxic. After class its straight to the chow hall for 6 or 7 egg whites, 10 strips bacon or snausage. They also got oatmeal ED and pancakes for those mega cheat days.

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    Since january, second semester of my senior year of highschool...Im a freshman at college now and sitting in the caf I sometimes wonder how people can eat taco's with melted cheese and beans, chili fries, a coke and icecream and cake for lunch...My school has an all you can eat policy...makes me sad that I only go for the chicken, soup and salad but oh well, this is our sport right?

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    1 month

    I've been eating correct for a month now.... currently on a cutting diet. Something bad happened yesterday and today actually. My brother offerd me $50 to eat a meal from pollo tropical and I did it (that was yesterday) and today he gave me the same offer to eat something from checkers. I was so so so mad but im thinking i can get 3 more jugs of whey protein and have some cash left for other supplements... so i picked a fish sandwich from checkers. I know i know not good at all.... Im not going to eat nothing else for the day and tomorrow ill be back on my regular diet task. Currently im so **** pissed off though. but $100 isn't that bad

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    I started counting calories when I was 13 ( I thought I was a little chubby, so I lost about 30 lbs). I continued watching my caloric intake, but 1st semester of college I got a little lax. Also, I didn't work out too much. I gained about 5 lbs that semester and started getting disgusted with myself. Then, I met my current fiance (bigsd67..then just a fitness nut, now a personal trainer and soon-to-be competitive bodybuilder), and he taught me about lifting weights the right way and eating frequent meals of complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. This was a year and a half ago ( I was 18)..I've been eating healthy ever since, and my cheat meals have become almost obsolete. I'm down 16 lbs. since my 1st semester in college, and the leanest I've ever been. I'm also pursuing a nutrition/dietetics degree.

    symatech, I really know how you feel when you see people eating poptarts. I work at a Panera Bread ( a fast-casual franchised bakery-cafe) and want to scream at people who come in and get a 950 calorie sandwich with a 20oz soda, bag of chips and a 400 calorie cookie for lunch on a daily basis. It disgusts me. I like the term "eating right," because I really believe everyone else is eating wrong. I don't envy those people...I pity them because they are ignorant and their habits will catch up to them. I hate when people tell me i shouldn't worry about what I eat cuz I'm young and not overweight... everyone should "worry"...the earlier the better.

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    Started bulking and eating clean instead of my used to be bulking, toco bell and big macs. been 9 weeks and have gained 27lbs....the test helps too

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