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    Fight training stamina

    I started a thread on the steroid forum, but they told me to come here and ask swole the questions. I just started freestyle fighting so I am doing cardio 3-4 times a week, Lifting weights 3-4 times a week and grappling 3 timmes a week. Prior to this a had just been lifting weights and putting on size. From JAn. to now I have gone from 173 5'11 to 200 at about 15%bf, naturally. I now want to get down to a shreded 185. The only thing I am doing now is B12 2-3cc's a week. I got off creatine1month ago. I was wondering if I should jump on something or just stick to glutamine and vitamins. I feel happy with my size I just want to shredd up and be in fighting shape. I need somthing to help me handle the workload that is it. I work real hard and I find it hard to rest, but I know I am overtrained. I am going to take the next 4 days off, I am only going to run and stretch. I am open to any suggestions!Thank You!
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