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    help my sister out please read and help out pleeease

    My sis is 5' 3" and weighs 136lbs and she wants answers i cannot really answer so i thought maybe you guys and girls can help me out so i can help her. She wants to know how she can figure out exactly how much protein, carbs and fats she nneds to take everyday while she is lifting weights.

    Thank You
    rangerslead the way

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    they have a protein calculator here

    it might be a little high though, then just build around that with what percent carbs and fat you think would be good

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    excellent advice

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    They also have calc on the main AR board maybe worth looking there also Tobey posted some good methods of working it out check or search his posts

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    It's really not hard at all figureing everything up. The hard part is putting it into action. Go to the search engine here at AR. Type in Determineing your Caloric Intake. Once it comes up print it out. Now go back to the search engine and type in Tables for determineing your caloric intake. Print it out and just follow the questions step by step.

    PS. If you have any problems with it just let me know. I'll be glad to help you out.

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    Tobey is the man! Thanks again man for the diet you setup for me!

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