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    Need help on putting together bulking diet....still confused

    Been reading other peoples diets and looking up information and im still confused. I dont see how everyone gets their numbers in their diets...

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    Harris Benedict Formula, again, housed in the sticky posts atop the page as I had mentioned in the other thread in which you asked for "tips".

    That is what those who utilize the stickies use to figure out kcal intake.


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    In case the stickies are being evasive for some reason, here is the info:

    Harris Benedict Formula for Men
    BMR = 66 + (13.7 X weight in kilos) + (5 X height in cm) - (6.8 X age in years)

    1 inch = 2.54 cm.
    1 kilogram = 2.2 lbs.

    Example of BMR
    You are 25 years old
    You are 6 feet tall
    Your weight is 220 pounds
    Your BMR is 66 + (1370) + (914) - (170) = 2180 calories

    Harris Benedict Formula for Men - STEP 2
    To determine your total daily calorie needs, now multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor, as follows:

    If you are Sedentary - little or no exercise
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR X 1.2
    - If you are Lightly Active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR X 1.375
    - If you are Moderately Active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR X 1.55
    - If you are Very Active = BMR X 1.725 (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days/week)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR X 1.725
    - If you are Extra Active (very hard daily exercise/sports & physical job or 2X day training)
    Calorie-Calculation = BMR X 1.9

    Total Calorie Needs Example
    If you are lightly active, multiply your BMR (2180) by 1.375 = 2997
    Your total daily calorie requirement is therefore 2997 calories.
    This is the total number of calories you need in order to MAINTAIN your current weight.

    If you want to gain body weight, you must consume more calories than you burn. One pound of body weight is roughly equivalent to 3500 calories, so eating an extra 500 calories per day will cause you to gain one pound a week. Etc….

    We have included an excel document created by Elliot @ AR that will calculate your calorie needs for you, using the Harris Benedict formula.

    Elliot's Harris Benedict Calculator for Males:
    Download the document named: harris-elliot.xls


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    Here are two other threads to take a look at:

    MAINTENANCE vs. BULKING: Calculating your calories for a successful cycle

    BULKING DIET: Step-by-step on how to create a diet for growth

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