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    timing of meals( quick question)

    how important is it to eat your meals at exactly at the same time every day.
    cos some days wen i sleep late all my meals shift up a bit later. but i still eat every two -three hours between meals.

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    That's actually okay as long as you get the same amount of sleep, and can keep the activity the same.

    However, many miss a few meals going back/forth like this between getting up early and getting up late.


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    it would be real nice if i could get an answer for this also, i work 2 7am-7pm dayshifts which is fine, cos i can get all my meals in no problems, however on the following day i work nights 7pm-7am 2 days in a row, i tend to getup a little later 10-11am when on nights, but i eat allday and through the night at 3 hrs intervals, is this ok to do? this shift pattern really throws me out, i work 4 on 4 off or "continental shifts" with 18 days off every 7 sets, if you follow me, getting up off night really fuks me up big time, any advice greatfully recieved! planning on starting my own supps shop so regular hours will be great!

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    i work shifts and i just alter my meal pattern to which ever shift i am on.for example when i am nights meal 1 is when i get up usually at 2 pm and then i eat every 2-3 hours.

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    Eat every 3 hours and get 5-6-7 meals and your fine no matter what time you wake up.

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    It makes no difference what shift you work, follow the basic guidelines.

    Cardio after waking (empty stomach), eat every 2.5 to 3 hours.....

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