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    Newbie with question on weight loss

    Ok, lets kick this off with a brief explanation. I am a 5'7" 40 year old that at one time weighed 307lbs. I went down to 170 and now am back to 230.

    Ok between all this a divorce, loss of job and other pity party bulssh*t happened and now I am back to wanting to take it all off again.

    Question, where do I start? I lost it all last time with Atkins (read NO CARBS), but don't want to go that route unless it is the only alternative. I am willing to put in the gym work (cardio and weight training) was just wondering, what supplement is recommended to help me start. I am looking for dramatic loss in about 3 months. 41st is in jan

    I read through the psots and really didn't come up with an answer, so I decided to make my first post and question, ont hat you can all flame me with.

    So that being said, any thoughts? How do I get this fu*king fat off of me?

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    Check out the CUTTING STICKIE

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    Getting Fat
    Quote Originally Posted by muriloninja
    Check out the CUTTING STICKIE
    UNoffical "How to Cut" thread and sample diet...
    It can be complicated sometimes

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