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    Bulking non lifting days?

    My training days look like this, upped my carbs a bit. My only off day from lifting is Friday. Should I just cut out my PWO and add a pro fat in place or cut back on more carbs.

    6 egg whites, 3oz chicken, 1cup oatmeal
    2 scp pro + 1 tblspn flax
    1.5 cans tuna, 1.5 cups brown rice
    5oz chicken, veg + EFA (Olive)
    1.5 cans tuna, 1 cup oatmeal
    PWO 2.5 scp pro 2.5 scp dex
    5oz chicken, 1.5 cups brown rice
    6oz Ground Beef
    2 scp pro + 2 tblspn Nat PB

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    Check the cutting/bulking sticky posts atop the page to address your situation.


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    no, unless you gain bf quickley, i wouldn't change it..... you have to see how your body reacts to high carbs
    i've been eating 7-8 times a day, and more than 50 carbs each meal ( i would never do this while cutting) but i barely have gained any weight(this is almost two months), and i still can see my abs fine.... i've also been having about 300+ grams pro a day, and tons of fat... so i guess my body just needs a lil time to slow down my metabolism or something....
    to tell ya the truth, i would use more!!!! what you have for bulking i personally would use for cutting! so figure out where your at, if ur not gaining much bf up it a little..
    this is the time to experiement while bulking......
    (then again, i don't know if your actually bulking, or refering to just that day)

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