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    help with diet appreciated

    okay i'm trying to cut and train for a 5k at the same time. I currently weigh 170. My race is in six weeks(thanks giving). here is my proposed diet

    meal 1- protein and fat

    meal 2- same as above

    meal 3 same as above

    meal 4 protein 25 grams of carbs


    meal 5 dextrose and whey

    meal 6
    protein carb food 30 to 50 grams( maybe brown rice

    of course all protein listed is lean protein. this is a schedule of my weight lifting day. My off days i would like to do my running workout. run between 3-5 mile. I do not know how to run a diet on my running days and this is where i need help. thanks

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    Well, it's cool to have fat burning days w/other cardio, but you need training for your event.

    On the other days where you do the "running workout" treat that as HIIT in regards to what you eat prior to the event. You want to actually burn glucose/blood sugar during your event, as the proposed heart-rate would be far too high to utilize fatty acids (stored fat). So, have a small carb/pro meal and/or some kind of Ultra Fuel type drink, as you want to maximize your performance in an event (must fuel up), not attempt to change your body composition (fat loss).

    That's what I used to do for basketball........


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    thanks swolecat,
    okay then i will have my carb source before my run. Can i still do slow go cardio on my lifting days and running days in the morning, Or will this burn too much muscle. Can i have my cake and eat it too, meaning can i still train for this race and accomplish my fat burning muscle retaining goals. And by the way i am not a huge runner, i would just like to run this race and figured i need to train for it, don't want to do something halfassed. thanks again

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