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Thread: Carb loading

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    Carb loading

    I'm trying out the high protein, low carb-5 days and carb loading-2 days diet to lose some body fat.

    I'm wondering if on the carb loading days if I should take complex carbs or simple carbs or both.
    Also, on the low carb, high protein days should I limit my intake of saturated fat?


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    Eat Hi Glycemic during the first 24 hrs., along with some ALA to make sure glycogen is pushed into your muscles, not into your love handles. The second 24hrs. high glycemic carbs the first half of the day, then low glycemic carbs the second half of the day, along with some ALA. I lost fat that way, now I am bulking that way, I'll tell you this diet is magic. My results thus far have been incredible. Not everyone agrees though, I guess you have to have it down to a science. Cook with olive oil and coconut oil. Supplement with oil of oregano as well as flax oil. Take an ECA stack because low carb diets lower your thyroid hormone production. If you are trying to add more muscle while still losing fat (legally), Eat 15-18Xyour bodyweight in calories, take creatine, about 10X the reccomended serving for a prohormone(on the weekends, 2-3X/day when reloading glycogen), and bust your azz in the gym. remember GH thrives on high-protein diets, testosterone thrives on high fat diets, and insulin thrives on high carb diets. That is why you limit your carb intake to only 48hrs. Sorry form rambeling, hope this helps! Good Luck!


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    Thanks for all the info. Should I keep the sat. fats high during high protein intake and then low during the high glycemic days?


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