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    Eating like a fatmess!!!! is it really that bad?

    Ok, so tryin to bulk up a bit and i've been following the stickies fairly well for about two months, but in the last 3 weeks i've been eating EVERYTHING....I'll take in all the pro, carbs i need, but i'm mixing fats/carbs and still staying within my weight.. don't get me wrong i'm not eating fast food or anything but i have like 3 cups oatmeal a day, half a pound of rice or pasta a day, half a pound of chicken, meat and so on........
    I'm doing exactly the bulk stickie, plus adding a lot more food to it.... i'm gonna stick to this and give my results (i did gain a lil fat of course, but i'm still hard, abs still show)
    only thing that sux is when it comes cutting time, its all that much harder to stop eating these amounts of food,lol
    any suggestions?

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    that is why when i start to bulk up im just gonna try to add a small amount of lean mass, not go too high on the calories....this diet im on for my comp makes eating more than 2000 calories a luxury.

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    If it ain't broke, don't fix it....if you notice some undesirable fat gain, then cut back on how much you're eating, but if you still look the way you want, what's the point?

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