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    Lifting on cheatdays??

    Thinking about applyin for a new part-time job which runs 3am-7am m-f.... This means I will be attending school right after. For this reason, I will probably start doing 3-4 day split instead of 5 and will be working out atleast one of the weekend days so I can still put in my needed hours of studying.

    If I decide to lift on saturday, which is my cheat day since it is also my day to go out on the town at night, I was wondering if this would be ok. Mind you I would still follow pwo and ppwo rules but other than that, I will be eating whatever.



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    Yeah, I do that most of the time.


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    Yep more than fine.......**** some of my best workouts have been on cheat / carb up days as long as I am not bloated and lethargic from all the **** food lol.....

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