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    Day schedule! Help

    I just tried to set up.... a day... Mon - Fri. I work from 7am-4pm M-F.
    Plan for each day
    4:10am get up Take glutamine 5g
    4:30am Pro/CArb Meal
    4:40am go to the gym
    5:00am - 6:30am - workout Take protein shake right after + some carbs
    7:00am WORK starts
    9:00am PRO/carb-Meal
    12:00noon lunch time ProCarb meal
    3:00pm PRO/carb-Meal
    4:00pm Off work
    4:20pm Glutamine 5g
    5:30pm PRO/Carb meal
    7:30pm PRO/Fat/ meal
    9:30pm 60g whey
    10:00pm bed time
    1:00am Protein shake 60g whey

    What do u guys think ? Lets hear it.
    Im 21 6`3 at 211Lbs %14 bf.

    Thanks a lot!
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    What is the point of the outline? Bulk? Cut? Etc.........

    Check the stickies above for assistance.


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    I second that: READ THE STICKIES!

    Why eat before cardio? Rethink your plan.

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    I did read stickies.... while ago.
    I am not doing cardio :\ I am on bulking diet btw.
    I dont think I will do workout in the morning..its too **** early..I just tried that yesterday and today...
    Man by around 6pm Im dead tired and I HAVE TO take a nap.

    Thanks tho..I will rethink it again.

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