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Thread: No Eggs

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    No Eggs

    I am a newbie and still researching the subject, but I haven't been able to find any information re: substitution for eggs. I can't eat eggs/ egg whites, (any type of egg product) and am trying to find something I can eat for breakfast. Can anyone help me with this?
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    Ever think of a whey protein shake? Chicken breast? Lean steak etc?

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    Yea man, don't be limited by the traditional view of "breakfast foods" -- if it was true, your only options would be sausage, bacon, ham or eggs...

    any form of protein will work - find something that you enjoy waking up to, is my advice. whether that's a nice lean steak, or a chicken breast...even if it's just a shake. do what ya gotta do, but don't be limited by what people think is or isn't "breakfast"

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    if you're not too concerned with cutting an nice thing from time to time is cottage cheese with a handful of bluberries/rasberries.

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