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    Question Going to start this diet.

    45 - 60 min of cardio in the morning before work.

    Meal number 1. 4 egg whites and 1/2 cup of oatmeal with splenda. (egg whites)

    Meal number 2. Protein shake (4 carbs, 46 protien, 110 cal) (add 2 TSB of Flax oil.)

    Meal number 3. Veggies and Tuna/Chicken/Salmon

    Work out (tuesday, thursday, friday, staurday, sunday)

    Meal number 4. Protien shake with dextrose

    Meal number 5 Veggies, Tuna/Chicken/Salmon, 1/2 cup brown rice

    Meal number 6. Protien shake with Flax oil.

    I'm going to be cutting, so this is what i would like to do.

    For chicken, i was thinking a breast would do. A can of tuna, or a smaller portion fillet of salmon. I'm not exactly sure when i should have fat and when i should have the rest. Any critiques are welcome.

    I haven't had much of healthy eating so i assume that i should be able to shed fat very quickly if i follow this regiment.

    My work outs are gonna be as follows.

    Monday - chest
    Tuesday - Shoulders/back
    Wednesday - Legs
    Thursday - tricep/biceps
    Friday - whatever i wanna work out again.
    abs every day/every other day.

    I'm not going to take any AS but i might start doing some clen after a while. I've read all about it from the Clen Handbook. I don't know if i will though.

    Should i add/take away food? and what type of multi vitamins should i take? i've read that these are good to take.


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    You could do a protein-carb meal followed by a protein-fat meal and alternate them this way. It sounds like you're cutting. To get a good example, read the cutting sticky in this forum. It's a great source of info and the diet and ideas it implements are working great for me!

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    - more eggwhites in meal one - 4 whites is nothing. and since it is P/C after AM cardio make sure you have it 30-40 minutes AFTER cardio and not immediately after
    - add only 1 tblspoon of flax to meal 2
    - for meal 3, if your protein is lean like chicken or tuna then add some healthy fats (olive oil, flax, nuts, avocados etc.), if it is fatty like salmon then no need for extra fats
    - for meal 5 (post postworkout) make sure the protein source is LEAN, ie. chicken, turkey, white fish etc. you want to keep fats to a minimum in this meal
    - for meal 6 you may want to have real food for protein to go with the flax oil, such as eggwhites, tuna, chicken, cottage cheese etc. as the protein shake may be too fast acting as a last meal (especially if it is a whey shake). also try and get this last meal in max 30 minutes before bed.

    There is also a discrepancy - you say: Work out (tuesday, thursday, friday, staurday, sunday) then list your workout days as monday-friday??

    Also I think the workouts are a bit off - you have 3 HEAVY days in a row, then a relatively easier day (bis/tris) then work another random muscle?? I suggest choose either a 5 days split (monday-friday) or a 4 day split (monday, tuesday, thursday, friday). I think if you are cutting then a 4 day split would be good, and do the AM cardio on the 3 off days. Also I would not work abs EVERY day, perhaps every 2nd day is ok. Multivitamins are a must - should be there regardless of goals.


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