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Thread: My Bulking Diet

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    My Bulking Diet


    I used the Harris-Elliot spreadsheet to help figure out my dietary needs during my upcoming cycle:

    #1-(930am)Post Workout Shake-2 scoops of Whey-80g of Dextrose (55g P-83 C-0 F)
    #2-(1100am)8 egg whites, Scoop of Whey, 1 cup of Oats (55g P-59g C-6g F)
    #3-(1:00pm)Lean Beef or Turkey/1/4 Cheese/Veggies (55g P-2g C-20g F)
    #4(3:00pm) Chicken Breast (or other meat)/1.5 cup of Brown Rice (55g P-64 C-3g F)
    #5(5:00pm)2 Cans of Tuna/Tbsp of Mayo/Veggies (60g P-2g C-13g F)
    #6(6:30pm)Lean Meat, 1.5 Cup Brown Rice (50g P-70g C-3g F)
    #7(8:00pm)Lean Meat, 2TBSP of PB (50g P-5g C-18g F)
    #8(9:30pm-10pm)2 Sccops of Whey, 1.5 tbsp of Flax (60g P-3g C-21g F)

    Totals Are
    Protein 440
    Fat 84
    Carbs 280

    I need to up the carbs if I am following the suggestion of the Harris Elliot Scale....where should I add them in and what should I add??

    Swole I would appreciate your help on this!

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    have a pro carb meal before you work out.

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    What you need to do is apply the principles in either the cutting sticky, or the bulking sticky, neither of which have been done. You are going to have to start somewhere and keep track bro, you've not had a relatively solid approach at all to date, so either of those approaches is a good start.

    You've already received my response via p.m. for customized guidance should you decide to utilize that route.


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