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Thread: Morning workout

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    Morning workout

    As of now im gonna have to start working out in the morning. Im just curious if a pro/carb meal an hour before would have enough time to kick in. If not I can always get up earlier.
    Thanks in advance

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    well bro, your gonna need ne plce from 4-7 hours to feel the "energy" from the carbs. If u cant adjust the lifting time then maybe eat that pro/carb meal and pop an ECA or 2.


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    If ur gona lift in the mourning, dont eat too much. unless u are on a bulking cycle, cause mourning lifts are the best time to do cardio. Take ur efa's and hit the bike, maybe legs. Hell, i usually hit up legs in the mournin and do chest at night. other days i do arms in the in the mournin, and then shoulders and traps at night. Split days are great man.

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