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Thread: Instant Oats

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    Instant Oats

    I did a search in the Diet Forum for Instant Oatmeal to see if there were any comments on how nutritious they were (if at all); I didn't find much for results.

    I can imagine that they aren't as healthy, although I wasn't sure how bad they really are.

    Quaker Instant Oatmeal Packets are the brand/type I was talking about.

    Does anyone have any comments on how good/bad they are? Mainly for breakfast meals - but my daily schedule is tight and it would be a better way for me to go using instant.

    Let me know your opinions/facts.

    Thanks bros,


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    I use instant oats because it is quick... some say that some of the nutriants(spelling may be poor tonight??) are lost... I guess it is just your call.

    If you are going to use the packets, use regular and add water. You can also use splenda for taste.

    Even though oats are healthy, it all depends on your goals and when you utilize them in your diet to be able to tell whether they are "bad" or not.

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    Instant oats taste a lot better IMO. 2 packets Quaker quick oats, 3 packets splenda, 8 egg whites do the job for me every day for breakfast!

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    you can buy quick oats for the same price as whole oats if you get them in the big tubs i think the only difference is they chop them a few times so they cook in 2 minutes instead of 5 minutes I have both kinds in my kitchen and the nutritional label is the exact same
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    I just brought in the large tube of instant to my work with a 1/2 cup measuring cup...When I need a pro/carb meal, scoop it into a papercup and add hot water...You can stir the oats and water for about 10 seconds and it's done, or just let it sit for a few minutes and it'll mix (absorb the water) itself...

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    I just soak my oat my a minute and drain them. Cooking them makes me gassy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREENMACHINE
    I just soak my oat my a minute and drain them. Cooking them makes me gassy.
    Thanks for the info dude

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