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    A few questions...

    These are some questions I always ponder but no one seems to ask about them. So...I figure others wonder about it too.

    1.) On Weekends i sleep in very late. Sometimes i go to bed at midnight on friday night and sleep untill 2:00pm saturday. This is like 14 hours of sleep. Is this catabolic? Do I need less kcals if I get that much sleep? Should I wake up and eat something and then go back to sleep? I know sleep is good for recovery but to what extent is it counter productive?

    2.) Saturday is my cheat day. I am not a hungry person by nature even when I lift intense. I would prefer to not worry about how much protein i get and how many total kcals i have on Saturday. I eat maybe 2 meals for pleasure but dont ensure that i have 2300 kcals on Saturdays. Is this ok? Could i theoretically fast all day on saturday since it is a free day?

    3.) Is there a difference in the type of fat in Jif peanut butter vs. natty? Regular Jif has 0 trans fats and only one more gram of sugar for 2 tablespoons. It has 3 grams of saturated fat vs. 2 grams in natty...Can i use Jif as 1 pro/fat meal a day. The rest of the 3 pro/fat meals , i use Flax oil or olive oil. Thoughts? I know this has been discussed before but I wondered if maybe Jif has changed their formula since the last time it was talked about.

    Thanks in advance for answering my odd inquirys.

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    1) you are sleeping too much, but if thats what your body is asking for, then maybe you are over training your body to exhaustion. defenitely take in a protien shake before bedtime to keep your body out of a catabolic state.

    2) saturday should be no different than any other day in terms of diet. its better to eat several small meals than two large. its ok to cheat once in a while to keep your sanity, but you have to be consistant with your cal, protien, carb intake as much as possible to grow and keep your muscle size.

    3) as far as peanutbutter, i cant help you, because i dont eat much of it. check the diet forum and get more info. good luck

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    I would saturday is ok to get your rest...I think 14 hours might be a little too much and in the end will make you feel more tired. I would wake up and eat something though. Sat i would not fast because it will slow your metabolism down. The cheat meal is essential. I have a cheat meal of 800 calories and one of 400 calories on the weekend. The difference between natural pb and jiff sodium the natural pb is not as processed as jiff. Although they may look similar on the nutritional label the natural is a a lot better for you. I know the natural kind tastes like s**t. I try not to worry about it too much and if i feel the need to have jiff i usually have, but try to limit it to one serving which is tough. The flax oil is and olive oil are ok. Hope i could help bro.


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    Who cares how many kcals you have on your cheat day?

    Thats why it is called a cheat. What is a cheat meal of 800 cals and 400 cals? Seriously?

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    pretty much you can do what you want if you're considering it a cheat day -- but don't fast - that wouldn't be a good idea IMO.

    and try not to get out of control - have some protein with each meal, just don't worry specifically about counting grams, etc.

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    800 calories is about 10 chocolate chip cookies or at least the ones i make.

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    uhhh, i hope you're kidding about fasting on your cheat day..... Fasting leaves your body in about as catabolic a state as it can be.... Your body needs to burn calories. No calories, then the body essentially eats itself....

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    Fast on a cheat day?

    Ummmmmm, yeah...........sure.............

    That makes about as much sense as two chicks with no dick.


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