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Thread: 2500 cal shakes

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    2500 cal shakes

    i was speaking to a fella at the gym who says his shakes are 2500 cals and he told me were to get it ,i take it this would be a bulking only shake or would it give you good gains while cutting,ps 2500 cals sounds a bit /way too much.

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    depends on the protien, fat, carb content, but sounds like a definate bulker may defete the purpose of a cut diet. check out the nutrition label and see what its comprised of.

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    doesnt matter, no ratio of protein carbs and fat can have that many calories thats worth taking, your gonna gain fat. thats 4-6 meals at once.. no way your body will absorb even 1/3 of that. waste of the product. and youll get nada from it IMO

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    def not for cutting. I would reccomend any kind of champion weight gainer product. About 900 calories a scoop, but much higher quality than anything else you can buy.

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    2500 in one sitting is stupid.

    Remember, I am blunt, I don't sugar coat.


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    His shakes may say 2500 calories but if you read the directions, it will say 2500 calories per DAILY SERVINGS. Its a disclaimer and even if it was 2500 calories, it would be half a gallon of shake and 8 big scoops of powder. It would take a day to drink it anyway.

    AND. How the fvck can you be on a cutting and bulking diet at the same time.
    Thats like trying to dry yourself with a towel while you are still under water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bermich
    Thats like trying to dry yourself with a towel while you are still under water.

    Hmmm... I didn't know you could do that....

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    ya read the label, and like they said that will be one biggg shake, cuase im sure to get 2500 calories, it has to be like 10 scoops!!!!

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