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    Question HEPL!!!!! I am tired of failure!!

    Ok I am new to all this but here it goes!

    I am a U.S. Marine and we have these Height And Weight Standards, I am 6'1", 220 lbs, and 18% BF now (Over weight by standards but with-in BF). for my height they say my max weight is 208. I need a diet and work out plan to get me under weight without losing Muscle.

    I tried the Shawn Phillips ABSolution program for about 6 months with no real results. I got to 215 and 16% in that time. So I wanted to see what I could get from the experianced trainers here.

    what I do now is:

    I take 3 Lean System 7
    Drink 16 oz water
    1 cup Black Coffee

    I run 3-5 miles

    I eat 3 hard boiled eggs
    1 cup of fresh fruit
    and take 1 B-Complex 50 and 1 vitamin C 2000

    I drink a Nitro-Tech shake

    take 3 lean system 7

    I eat A 6" tuna on wheat w/ lettuce and tomato
    And a steamed Veggie

    Nitro tech shake

    dinner Chicken, Beef, Or Pork (the Leanest Cut i can buy)
    Steamed Veggies on white rice

    Gym Chest: Flat DB Bench 40lbsX15, 45lbsX12, 50lbsX10, 55lbsX8, 60lbsX6
    Incline DB Flyes 3 sets 40lbsX8
    Decline bench 115lbsX10, 120lbsX8, 125lbsX6
    Shoulders: Standing DB press 30lbsX12, 35lbsX10, 40lbsX8, 45lbsX6
    Side Raises 3 Set 20lbsX10
    Triceps: Lying DB Extensions 4 sets 20lbsX10
    Reverse grip Extensions 3 sets 90lbsX10

    Back: One arm DB Row 3 sets 75lbsX10
    Reverse grip Pulldowns 120lbsX12, 130lbsX10, 140lbsX8
    Biceps: Incline DB Curl 35lbsX15, 40LbsX12, 45lbsX10
    Standing Cable Curl 3 sets 75lbsX10
    Barbell Curl 3 sets 65lbsX10

    Legs: I work legs real light Because I have to run so much every Morning ( I am in the Marine Corps and they make Us run everyday)
    ABS: Every type of crunch or AB Machine they Have in the Gym
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    I don't know what the lean system 7 is.

    You could check out the sticky posts atop the page here for a general guideline.


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    I believe that lean system 7 is a thermo-like substance.

    You followed the bodyfolife spin of by little brother.

    I am assuming it is called 7 because of the majical 7-keto peeps have been pimping for awile now.

    He establishes a baseline kcal. And when people hit a wall when there metabolism hits a wall. Then the 7 supposedly kicks in to restart the metab.

    I think the easy solution would be to find what you metabolism is to drop the supplements, go buy some protein, grean beans and flax and find a correct ratio simular to what is outlined above till you hit you ideal weight.

    And drink about 2 gallons a day of water.

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    Cutting Stickie!

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    check out www.********.com

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