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    Anabolic Steroid diet, need your expertise

    I'm currently 270, 6'2, 20 years old, 12% bodyfat, no cardio or anything that contributes to activity level beside lifting weights. Im going to be on a bulking cycle of 800 mg of Test 400 once a week, 75 mg of anadrol daily, and 600 mg of Deca once a week. I know that and im sure you know that one's caloric intake increases when on anabolic /androgenic steroids . Question is by how much in terms of percentages. How much should my total caloric intake be daily? What percentage of my calories should come from protein, carbs, and fat ? Based on all these variables about myself........please help me out!!! thanks so much

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    Lots of good info about bulking diets right up!

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