Donít think I was the first one to come up with this, but I havenít seen it posted before.

Shredding your cooked chicken breast with a Walmart bought, $10 pro chopper (mini food processor) and then pouring a sauce over the shredded chicken.

This is really a lifesaver for me. At my 9-5pm, we donít have metal utensils. Cutting a Microwaved chicken breast with a plastic knife is quite a chore. Yes, I could bring in my own metal utensils from home, but that can be a chore by itself, washing it after each use. Also, no matter what marinade or spices I use, the chicken still doesnít taste that great.

Grill your chicken, food process the grilled chicken so there are no pieces bigger than a quarter inch, store the shredded chicken with Tupperware/sandwich bag and put into fridge/freezer. Bring the chicken to work. When itís time to eat the chicken, empty the contents onto a plate pour a sauce and microwave. It will look like the consistency of BBQ.

Another huge added benefit is that you can put in other ingredients into the mixture (eg: brown rice, almonds). SC correct me if my wrong, isnít the most ideal way to eat a pro/carb or pro/fat meal is to have everything all mixed together? Eating 28 almonds and then eating a chicken breast isnít as good. Finally youíll spend a lot less time chewing the chicken. We all know that chewing thoroughly (eg: chewing 32 times prior to swallowing) is the best, but who has the time.

For sauces Iím using a low carb, sugar free teriyaki for now, I going to make create some of my own sauces and post them in recipes.