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    Unhappy To Protein or not to Protein....?(diet Help)

    I'm 29-5'11'', and 260lbs...My LBM is 190 Lbs.
    My goal is to be down to about 210 at 8% to 10% BF

    I started doing my cardio 2 months ago...45mn/80% Max Heart Rate on treadmil and 1 hour of circuit training/High reps-high sets

    I just switched my routine the other night and need some protein advice.

    Mon thru Fri
    60 mn treadmil @ 70 MHR

    Fri-restart cycle

    Usually my Weight training lasts about 1.5 hours/ And I also throw in 40 mn of 70%MHR Tradmil with incline

    Ok Im eating about 220-300 grams of protein
    IE:Tuna, chicken breast, Opti Whey Protein

    Carbs are stagered Daily between 250(on the high side) and about 100(on the low side)

    Fats have been bumped from 10 grams to about 20-30 ...usually higher fat on lower carb days.

    QUESTION: After my nightly workout...Can I just eat or drink protein for recovery? Say like 40-50 Grams. I usually End up sleeping after 3 hours post evening workout. Will the protein be stored as fat by doing things this way?

    I really dont feel like any carbs after my evening workout, thus if I dont need em...I would just like to ingest some protein as listed above.

    p.s. I have Hypo_G, and take Test Cyp every 10 days. Any help wuld much appreciated.
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    how many cal do u consume a day

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    2600 on the high side and about 1800 on the low side.

    I know this is below my maintaince calories, but Im trying to ditch about 50 Lbs of bodyfat.

    I have lost about 25 the last couple months, and have maintained my strength.

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    congrats on your progress im not real sure how to help you with the diet im still 20 dont really worry bout that im still trying to mass build but there are people who know their shit here so im sure ull find the answer your looking for
    but in the meantime keep working hard

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