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    How to adjust diet for late night workouts?

    Here's the deal...

    9am wake up
    10am get to work (start eating)
    7pm leave work (been eating all day)
    7:30pm small meal (eggs)
    8:30pm gym
    10:00pm PWO shake
    11:15pm optional small meal (eggs)
    12:00am zero carb, zero fat whey protein drink
    1am sleep

    My question is how should I adjust my diet to fit my late night workouts? I feel that its bad to eat so late at night and just a couple of hours before I go to bed. As of now, I'm cutting and post workout, I just do a shake, maybe some eggs, and a zero carb, zero fat whey drink...basically everything after my workout is low calorie and small.

    Thanks for the suggestions...

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    U should wake up at like 5:30-or 6:30 to get started do cardio then eat shower up and go to work and move everything around to fit ur time so u will not be eating so late. Good Luck

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