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    Bulk all at once or bulk, cut, bulk cut

    All this is assuming natural, no gear:

    I'm a pretty serious ectomorph and so far have put on a good 15lbs in the past few monthes, probably around 50/50 muscle/fat (should have done bf before I started). I'm about 170 now and would like to end up around 190 or so after I cut. My question is more general though. If you have a clear goal of weighing X pounds, should you bulk past that and then cut down to it all at once or is it more adviseable to do a few bulking/cutting cycles. I mean for a modest weight gain, throwing out extreme cases of I only want 10 more pounds and I want another 120 pounds.
    Any strong feelings/suggestions? Health-wise I'm sure it's somewhat better to do several cycles, mainly wondering is it typically harder to cut pound for pound while keeping muscle if you bulked a whole lot and then cut a whole lot verses doing several bulk/cut cycles.


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    well this really depends on your goals and what you want to look like. i myself bulk for about 3-4 months then i cut still i reach my visual goal, sometimes it takes 3 montsh to get there, some times it take 7 months, all dependent on your goals friend


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    I'm in a simular situation...I use to weigh 180lbs and got up to 220lbs all in the gut and love handles...I ultimately want to get bigger, say 200lbs with very low body fat...I figure I should lose the love handles and belly before I start getting bigger...

    My plan is once I lose the fat, I was going to try the gain lean type of muscle sticky...

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