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    what to eat after run

    if im running in the morning, should i have a PWO after my run, or eat something, such as oats and lean protein?

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    Not a well known name.
    If you are treating it as cardio, have what you would usually eat after cardio (i.e not PWO).

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    sounds like he hasnt done it before...but yeah dont drinkk a pwo shake. if you run, which you shouldn't in the a.m., for a long prd of time, eat a pro/fat meal to keep liposis going. if you want you can eat a pro/carb, its all up to you see what works for you.

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    dont eat until 30 mins to 45 mins after the cardio...this will keep your body in a fat burning mode even longer once you get off that treadmille.

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    Very hard to answer w/out knowing the entire context of the situation.

    I.E., many factors could contribute/generate different answers.


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    How long are you running? If you are running for an extended period of time (I would say anywhere past 25 minutes of running) I would treat that as a leg workout and consume a PWO shake........ because honestly running isn't doing anything for fat burning. Just my $.02......

    Now if you are calling doing fat burning cardio (low intensity) running then just eat a pro/fat meal afterwards. Like Swole said, it all depends on what exactly you are calling running and how long you are doing it for.

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