Hey guys. For the most part, I've been using nuts as my EFA source in my protein/fat meals. Usually, that means I eat about 1/4 cup of nuts (cashews/peanuts/almonds). According to CalorieKing, 1/4 cup of those nuts range from 15-20 grams of fat--a nice safe zone for fat consumption for a pro/fat meal, if you ask me. But when I look at the labels, I realize that usually a serving size for these nuts are only an ounce (1/8 cups).

After reading labels and researching online, I've discovered that regardless if they're raw, dry roasted, or oil roasted, the difference in fat amount per nut really does not change that drastically. So now I'm asking myself, "Which source do I believe? CalorieKing (and other internet sources) or the labels? Am I downing 15-20 grams of fat or 30-40 grams of fat?"

Please help me clear this up guys.