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    Tuna and Mercury

    I know we are dealing with parts per million when discussing mercury levels in tuna. I also know that very few cases of mercury poisoning are related to fish consumption, and those few cases are mostly the result of fad diets consisting of only fish for a long period of time. I eat 1 sometimes 2 cans a day. Anyone here been eating that much tuna for a long period of time? (longer than 2 years). If so, do you ever consider getting blood work done? Or, am I getting caught up in the bullsh1t and should stop taking everything I read seriously. Thanks

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    Bro, I have been eating 2 cans of tuna a day for the last year. I usually lay off it on the weekends when i have more freedom. The mercury levels i wouldn't worry about because just about everything you eat contains toxins that most people don't know about, toxins in the air ect. A lot of people say things to me about the mercury in tuna, but really it isnt that different than any other veggies or meats you eat. I have blood work and other liver enzyme tests done which came out perfect.

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