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Thread: P+F or P+LC?

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    P+F or P+LC?

    Only you guys would understand the title of this thread.

    Anyways, Im currently on a "lean mass" diet (with Anabolics and other compounds) and as usual the goal is to gain as lil fat as possible while gaining as much muscle as possible. Like some here I get fat as all hell off a lot of carbs, even the good ones. So I have 3 P+C and 3-4 P+F meals a day. After reading some *sighs* magazines, pro bb's diets, posts on here, etc. Its seems that most keep their fat intake quite low.

    So my question to ya'll is would it be more beneficial to consume a P+F meal or P+C meal with low carbs containing no more then 20-30 grams of carbs?


    PS-No matter

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    Dependent upon insulin sensitivity/metabolism/etc. some do better on pro/fat, while others do better on pro/carb. Usually experimentation w/both and keeping any eye on your physique is the best tool to find out what is going to work best for you.


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