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    Best way to lean gain/reduce bf%

    Hows the best way to up my calories from a low carb diet to a lean mass gainer... I would say a clean bulk diet, but the fact that im on tren , prop and eq gives me reason to beleive that with proper diet i can not only gain muscle but maintain my amou8nt of body fat or even rip off some bf. Whats the best way to go about this? Im low carb "cutting" at the moment, but i dont want to waste myt anabolic environem,nt on a cutter, id like to gain some weight... THANKS

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    If your wanting to put on weight, no matter if your on aas or not, you'll have to up your calories. You should visit the bulking sticky for examples. If you posted your diet i could be more helpful. I would say, eat what your eating but it more of it.

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    There's also the gain lean muscle sticky...

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