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    my diet .. flame away!

    ok well i just started my cycle today on test prop stanazol clen and eq..
    my diet is really messed up i cant sleep when im hungry and i dont eat all day at univ from 9 am to 5 pm then i go straight to the gym.. im thinkin of doin this diet dont forget im cutting.. dont want to get fatter lol ok :

    [--7 am--]
    60 gram protein powder in water (maxpro low cal low sodium high protein)
    [--10 am--]
    turkey sandwich in wheat bread with mustard
    [--12 noon--]
    tuna in water 1 can mixed in taco sauce 40 cals no fat
    [--3 pm--]
    60 gram protein powder in water (maxpro low cal low sodium high protein)
    [--5 pm--]
    workout lift weights and cardio or self defence class every other day
    [-- After workout --]
    i dont know i usually finish at 9 pm or 8 i just had protein shake 30 gram protein shake then after an hour i had tuna in water again..

    i was wondering would eating fruits hurt me in anyway through out the day i mean i get pretty hungry would it be ok if i had like strawberries green apples through out the day ? oh and what about health valley cornflakes 100 cals 0 fat one or the kellogs strawberry 0 fat one..

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    Cutting sticky atop the page can save your cycle and results.

    Read and apply quickly!

    As well, u HAVE to eat, and cannot go from 9-5 w/out food. If that's the case, save the cycle.


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