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    I think I finally did it!

    here it is search for it followed the sticky aned stuff. what do I expect?
    also I have 3grams of teste and winny6weeks worth should I use it do I need it? no flaming man honest question. also any changes to the diet thansk alot.

    suppliment multi-v, cla, flax, glumitine, pwo powder

    1-2 pills of Glucorell R for each 30-40grams of carb intake.

    2weeks of eca/2weeks clen cheating sautrday
    Meal 1: xenedrene efx +ephedra (24mg)
    1gcla, 5grams of glumatine
    Lean Protein, 1/2 cup oatmeal (8eggwhites)

    Meal 2: 1gcla,
    Protein shake/Lean Protein (2 tbsp flax) (shake)

    Meal 3: 1g cla
    Veggies, Lean Protein brocoli, califlower,carrotwith tuna

    Workout one body part 5 times a week /6times cardio45min empty stomach

    Meal 4:
    PWO Nutrition

    Meal 5: 5grams of glumatine, 1g cla
    Veggies, Lean Protein, 1/2 cup rice or oatmeal. (salad, chicken breast)

    Meal 6:
    Shake with Flax

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    you're gonna need 5 grams of test for a 10 weeker

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