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    Need diet ideas for 40 test.

    Getting my 40 timed on tuesday at about 7pm.

    1. What should I eat the days in advance to ensure that i have alot of energy the day of the test.

    2. What should i eat the day of the test to ensure that i feel light and have energy also.


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    i think i would carb up the day b4, but keep the majority of carbs early so u dont go to bed feeling bloated. then the next day i would styart with some light carbs like oatmeal, drink lots of water and have the rest of your meals pro/fat. infacty, try top time a carb meal 6-7 hours prior to your forty. JUst my suggested on whaty i do before agility and 40 test.

    good luck


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    Thanks that should help. Anyone else wanna add their $.02?

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