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    do i need more clean calories?

    im currently bulking

    my main question is how do you recomend i tweak this diet and up the cal? am i missing anything? also is it a drama to be eating pasta at night etc? should i have more protien/fat at night and if so what do you suggest? MCT or flax seed??

    MEAL 1
    4 egg whites
    2 cups skim milk
    1 cup oats
    40g whey

    65g pro 48g carb

    MEAL 2
    2 slices bread
    200g chicken breast
    1 cup skim milk

    55g protien 40g carbs approx 10g fat

    MEAL 3
    2cups cooked pasta
    300g steak

    70 g protien 80 g carbs 20g fat


    MEAL 4
    80g dextrose
    40g whey

    40g protein 80g carbs

    MEAL 5
    250g steak
    2 cups cooked pasta

    60g protien 80g carbs 20g fat

    MEAL 6
    2 cups skim milk
    40g whey
    i cup oats
    4 egg whites
    65g pro 48g carb

    TOTAL 355g protien 370g carbs 100g fat (including cooking oils etc)
    3700 cal
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    with metal plates...
    i think your diet needs serious tweaking bro..take a peek at the cutting sticky above..plan your diet base on its principles..and up the calories to make it a bulking diet....

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    Agreed, check stickies above and/or do a search here for valuable info.


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