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    Please Critique my Cutting Diet i am new

    I am wondering if this is a good work out for cutting or whut elese i should be doing
    I am 6'1" Male 310 Pounds

    I work out about 4-5 times a week mostly upper body with a jog of about 10 min for a warm up and a walk of about 15 for a cool down inbetween is mostly upper body work out, my back and pecs are my main area i want to lose i do low reps of high weight with 6-10 sets

    For my Breakfast i usually start off with
    7:00-9 egg whites
    -300g Steak
    -Water or crystal Light For drink

    10:00 -300g steak
    -Water about a liter

    1:00 -100g Chicken Breast
    -2 Pieces of whole wheat bread

    4:00 -Steak or chicken and brown rice

    7:00 this meal usually varies
    -generally speaking it is chicken with eggs or else lean beef whole wheat pasta and low card sauce
    - i usually have a protien shake here as well or else skim milk

    8-9~:30 Workout

    10:00 Protien Shake made with Soy Milk and a detour bar

    Will i get good cutting please critique my diet and work out i REALLY NEED Advice

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    Check the stickies atop the page, and/or do a search on cutting diets, as you've many places to improve your approach.


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