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    Micellean good before bed?

    I have been drinking a Micellean vanilla protein shake with 2 cups of Hood carb countdown fat free dairy beverage and 1 tbsp of flax oil with lignans every night before bed. I am trying to lose some bodyfat while gaining some muscle.

    Here are the products that I include in my shake:

    The totals (of all the products I use in this shake) are:

    64 g protein
    15 g fat
    10 g carbs
    8 g sugars
    470 calories

    Is this a good shake to have at bedtime?
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    I don't see why not.


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    Thanks Swole.

    I ditched using the Muscle Milk and replaced it with the Micellean and although the taste is not as good, I've seen good results.

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