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    Need some answers

    the other night i had to go to hospital bad back spasms they thought maybe it was a kidney stone stone i went cat scan/ blood test/ urine sample and on my results it came back were they found protein in my urine and a elevated BUN (Blood urea nitrogen) wich is an elevated kidney electrolite cuaused my the consumption of too much protein my mother who is a nurse is telling me to cut my protein down wich blows and i dont think i will do it.

    Doctors didnt say anything about this

    but the spasm is on the left side near my kidney

    starting threrpay to get rid of the spasms tommorow taking valume and percs 4 pain.

    what should i do to take care of this kidmey prob an supps out there that can help

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    well the Dr knows best not to mention MOM. Quit taking it for a week or two and start mass dosing cranberry juice extract available at any walgreens etc.. to help flush your kidneys and start drinking a bleep load of water at least 1 gallon a day.

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