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Thread: bulking Cals

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    bulking Cals

    I have been bulkin for almost 2 months now.. i have been making good gains..but a gut has come with it. I checked out the calorie intake and was using the spreadsheet in one of the stickys...I have been solid to my diet which has been critqued on here...i think i nailed it down that i was just eating a little too much food. I was using calorie intake based on moderatly active... then i thought to myself that im not exactly moderatly active. Basically i just go to school come home and dont do nething active. I workout 4 days a week and do 1 hr cardio 2 days a week. Do you guys say this is slightly active or sedentary. Thanks

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    doesn't matter, if you're getting a gut you have to lay back on the caloires, and do some more cardio, somthing like 3-4 days a wk for 45min.

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