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    cutting diet...opinions?

    hey ppl,
    i've been dieting for about a month and a half now...maybe 2 months...and i was just wondering what u guys think of this. Any opinions are helpful so throw'em at me! just dieting for personal contest

    meal 1: 2 packs oatmeal, whey/egg/glutamine shake

    meal 2: meal replacement shake with glutamine

    meal 3: tuna sandwich on whole wheat sometimes with slice of cheese

    meal 4: 2 chicken breasts, potato

    meal 5: casien shake with glutamine before bed

    my supplements are as follows:
    - thermogenesis
    - vitamine E and C
    - multi
    - zma before bed
    - fish oil pill b4 every meal
    - milk thistle before every meal

    so any info u guys can add in would be very helpful thanks!

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    no PWO or PPWO, mixing of carbs and fats and such. . .shytty IMO bro


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    Please tell me that when you say "2 packs of oatmeal" you don't mean flavored oatmeat (ie. brown sugar, blueberry, etc.) Those things are packed with sugar.

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