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Thread: Got juice?

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    Got juice?

    ok i have to say thanks to all u ppl in this forum community it really helps people with their Questions.. personally u guys helped out a lot im a very curious guy :P as for curiousity um im on cutting cycle as u all know and i was wondering if its alright to have a cup of freshly squeezed juice with every meal ? or btween meals? water + coffee is getting sick .. and i plan to go and buy one of those those shiny juicerzZZz lol i was thinking maybe juices of these fruits: green apples, watermelon, green grapes, red grapes, oranges, carrots.. i dunno whats inappropriate to drink so im just listing possiblities hoping u guys will point me to the alright juices.. .. thanks..

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    I wouldn't do it. The same rule applies for fruit juices as apply for fruit.

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    its all sugar, wtf why would you want to?

    drink some diet soda and/or crystal light in between your water. It helps, for me anyway

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